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New Client Info: My business has evolved into shooting primarily large, high-end/luxury homes, each of which is a full day+ project including photography, travel and editing. New client appointments (when available) are reserved only for full shoot, luxury properties with twilight option as there's simply no time to add anything smaller to a typical day. Other options listed below are only for established, luxury clients as time permits. Providing exemplary service and images to my clientele is always the top priority.  Please contact me if you'd like to discuss becoming a regular client.

Contact at 760-415-0069 or shay@shayart.com
Shay Real Estate Photography
P.O. Box 8298
Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92091

Twilight (inc. day) Full Luxury Shoot starting at-call or email for pricing

Our standard is PREMIUM photography, with studio lighting, multi-frame, hand blended photos for the ultimate imagery. This not the typical "HDR", software produced photography. Aerial/Drone imaging is included whenever applicable or requested (not in controlled airspace). Aerial photos are something that we love to provide to you and believe that they are a benefit to nearly every listing and are therefore standard procedure.

Cinematic Video 1.5-2 Minutes

*Revisions Policy* In order to discourage video alteration requests, any video that is approved “as is“ upon delivery will be discounted $150 from a full price quote. The vast majority of requested changes are not actually mistakes to the video, but are usually “personal preference” types of style requests. Changes to completed video are typically very time-consuming and technically difficult. Video revisions are billed at $150 for the first hour, and $100 for each additional hour. Glaring mistakes, like using the wrong address, are always fixed at no charge. Please be aware of that rendering, uploading and delivering branded and unbranded versions can be over a 30 minute task, without actually making any changes. Please see video examples and before they comfortable with the style and product that we typically provide.

Please inquire about additional text, voice-overs, agent introductions etc., as they require additional time, planning, equipment and editing. Please see our "video" page for examples of our work.

Flat rates are for luxury homes from 3K-7K sq. ft and listing at $2.5-7M

Luxury Package  includes:

30 minimum total images (avg. 40+ interior, exterior, drone) Fully edited, high resolution, large print ready and web optimized MLS sized image, hosted webpage gallery

6-10 aerial/drone images included

Next night turnaround for normal properties (large custom homes may take 36 hours), private download. Linkable display web-page available, at no charge, upon request.

Professional, punctual and insured general/aerial. FAA certified sUAS pliot.

Real Estate Listing Usage Only-Please contact us for commercial use and other licensing questions

7,000-10,000squre feet +$100 and up for additional lighting requirements

The twilight concept is essentially to capture a couple of special images at the exact moment of dusk when the interior and exterior accent lighting matches the brightness of the ambient light beyond sunset. The tricky nature of this image typically requires waiting around for that "magic moment" as well as the compositing of several images taken to accentuate the various light levels. During this "waiting" period, I may be able to capture a few additional images to add to the project portfolio, sometimes I can get 5-7 really special images (but not guaranteed). This twilight add-on must be applied in conjunction with a full package and all scheduled concurrently during the late afternoon for efficiency. Sky replacement included if conditions warrant.

Travel included within 30 minute drive from RSF area (RSF, Del Mar, Encinitas, S. Carlsbad). Additional charges may apply outside of this area, please ask. Additional travel @$100hr.

Premiere Upgrade- ask

Includes a separate 30 minute site visit/consultation, days prior to shoot, to discuss ideas and plan. Also includes an additional hour on site during shoot and an additional hour of editing time to accomplish higher quality images overall.

Custom Video

Please see the "Video" page for an example. Please inquire if you have a video project or special needs. We produce custom videos that include a variety of ground motion and aerial footage with licensed music and custom graphics when appropriate.  We can also offer additional options of on-camera narration, voice-over, agent intro, premium licensed music, community footage, time-lapse, special transitions, speed changes, etc.

You may have noticed that the images contained within this site are all of luxury properties. I generally shoot listings that average $2,500,000-$10,000,000 and 2,500-6,000 square feet. My package is designed specifically for these high-end properties and include interior and exterior images, aerial photos and sometimes even a free teaser video of the property highlights to motivate your buyers to come and view the property. Please contact us for a quote regarding larger properties, extra images, special requests and additional challenges.

*Twilight/Drone only and small home projects are reserved only for well established clients and times are limited.
Extra Travel-$100+up
A la carte shooting must commence at least 4 hours before sunset (daytime), so as not to interfere with the coveted twilight time slot reserved for full shoots. Full shoot pricing averages less than $15 per photo and is a much better value than an a la carte shoot.

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Photos first! We use a wide variety of gear, lighting and techniques to overcome the unique challenges of every shot. The end result being wonderful images that truly showcase the beauty and "story" of the property.


We include a few drone shots and video clips as part of our package. Buyers love them and it shows the client that you are serious about selling their home! We fly safe with FAA certification and approvals.


While we are not a video company by any sense of the word, we do love to provide a short (avg. 90 seconds) "highlight" video slideshow that showcases the property with stills from the shoot, motion video and drone footage. The video is simple and effective.

Additional Notes, Info and Policies:

Timing- The average photoshoot requires approximately 3 hours to complete. When I arrive, I would love (and expect) for you to give me a quick rundown of the listing and highlight any great features or important needs you may have. Please let me know before the day of shoot of any unique challenges we may encounter. I'll work as quickly as I can, as I know your time is valuable and you are likely staying for the duration of the shoot. I don't need any help, but if you'd like to minimize your time on site, you can certainly assist by helping to open and close doors, turn on and off lights etc. Please be aware that I'm doing math and other complicated things in my head, so I will keep chatter to a minimum while shooting.

Preparation- The home must be ready to shoot at, or prior to, our agreed time. This includes all cleaning, staging, object removal etc. Since this is a luxury listing, it will be even more important that the agent ensure the home is ready. While I don't do windows, or rake leaves, I will certainly attempt to notice and rectify the odd item out of place. Please do not rely on "Photoshop" to remove the housekeeper's car from the driveway or to add flowers to the dead flower bed.

Home Owner- If the home owner will be on site, I will certainly want to make sure they are comfortable while I roam the home. Please discuss this with them and find out where they would like to spend their time during the shoot. For instance, I'm happy to photograph the master bedroom or office first, so that they can recline there in private while I complete the home. I can work faster and safer wearing shoes, so please let me know if the owner has any qualms about that. If needed I can remove them, although that seems to be a rarer thing in a large house. I've worked with celebrities and billionaires alike and you can rest assured that I'll treat them and the home in a way that brings more professionalism and credibility to your brand.

Delivery- I will deliver your photos next night whenever possible, usually 24 hours for normal properties (I've never missed a deadline). Large, custom homes including twilight can take slightly longer, usually 36 hours. It is in your best interest to let me know if you don't need them right away. This is because creating art takes time, and the more time I have to contemplate the scenes and challenges, the better I can process the images for maximum effect and "wow" factor. For delivery, I will send you an email with a link (or links) to the images and potentially a password as well. At the top right of each gallery or cover photo, you will find a "download" arrow icon. Click that arrow and then follow instructions/enter your email. In just a few moments you will receive an email link to the images. Check your SPAM filter if you don't get them. Please download them ASAP into your own computer systems for storage and back them up. This web gallery is provided only for delivery to you. They will not be online forever (30 days) and I do not recommend linking your customers to them. It is in your own best interest to post the photos on your own website, your broker's site and the MLS. You will receive 2 copies of each image: high resolution for printing, print ads and also a smaller resolution for using on the MLS and on the web. The smaller files will be about 2,000 pixels wide, which is bigger than needed for online use and also would fit nicely into 1080p HD video. The high-res files will be 5,000-6,000 pixels wide and can be printed nicely to about 30 inches on the longest edge. PLEASE NOTE that the filename will provide the info of the file size, for example Web-MLSDSC04248.jpg or PrintDSC04248.jpg. All files are high quality, industry standard jpeg files in industry standard color space sRGB.

Video Delivery- There will be two 1080p videos on the MLS/Web included in your download. There will be both an "unbranded" version (MLS rules) and a "branded" version with your name and phone number included. The email you receive from me will also contain a non-descript, unbranded hosted-online link to the unbranded version. Feel free to link to that hosted version.

Licensing- Please do not supply photos to anyone for purposes other than the actual listing, advertising and sale of the home. You have full license to use the photos for that purpose. If a builder, designer, staging company or the like want to use the photos, they will need to negotiate an additional license from Shay REP. See additional copyright/licensing info at the bottom of this page.

Revision requests and Creative/Artistic vision and control. All photography and art are subjective to the viewer and/or artist.

There are literally millions of possible ways to change, alter or interpret a scene. As a general policy, all photography will be created and edited 100% at the discretion of the artist. There are over 1,000 examples of my current style and vision on my website. If you are hiring me, you should be 100% comfortable with what these images look like, as yours will retain a similar style. If your photos don’t match your expectations, then the property was likely not photogenic or prepared properly. There are always compromises with lighting, sun, time of day etc. During morning or afternoon, one half of the house will be in shadow an shadows are a vital part of life, light and photography. Mid-day may have stronger shadows than dawn or dusk. I often shoot luxury properties (particularly ocean view) at 2 different times of day (with additional time and travel charged) for just this reason.

Please refrain from requests like: Can you make all the trees a little brighter? Can you redo these to make the colors “pop” a bit more? Can you photoshop out all of the houseplants in the living room? These twilight photos seem too dark to me, can you make them a bit more like daytime? Can you add a bunch of grass to that brown vacant lot next door? What you will receive is “the best possible” based on the property, preparation, conditions and time considerations. Again, my website portfolio is a very accurate representation of what the “better” photos will look like. Guest bedrooms, odd spaces and powder rooms are rarely going to measure up to that standard, but if it’s gorgeous, it will show well in photographs.

Scenes will be captured as they have been prepared (in advance) by the client. If there’s an obvious error, a large light stand in the middle of the room for instance, that will be repaired at no charge. What about a car in the driveway? The property was not ready to be photographed. A photographer needs to be just and only that. The Real Estate Photographer is not responsible for cutting weeds, painting, or washing windows.  The home must be 100% "ready to shoot" BEFORE the photography is scheduled to begin, to avoid extra charges for wasted time. Cars should be removed and any exterior grounds should be clean and DRY. Do not hose down any areas prior to photoshoot. Wet or partially wet ground does not look great, so please no water washing for 12 hours before shoot.

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Usage/Licensing Details and Agreement

This license is strictly limited to the terms and conditions below, and governed by the Copyright laws of the United States, as specified in Title 17 of the United States Code. Upon payment in full, Photographer grants Realtor/Licensee a non-exclusive license to use the referenced images for the sole purpose of listing, marketing and selling a Real Estate property. All photographs and video are the copyright and ownership of the photographer. If we discover that someone is infringing on our copyright, you agree to cooperate with us to help us stop the infringement and/or collect damages. This license does not transfer copyright to you. We reserve all rights not granted to you by this agreement. License covers publication and display of images in the following media: World Wide Web, editorial, publicity, broadcast, and print display throughout the world. License is valid only for the life of the listing and will automatically terminate when the property is sold, or you are no longer the listing agent for the property. If the listing sells under your contract, you may continue to use listing images on your website and social media to promote your past sales for a period of 2 years after the sale. License is not transferable. Third-party usage, except as defined above, is not granted with this license. Images may not be used by architects, builders, stagers, designers etc. without additional license. Images may not be submitted for entry in contests. Attribution is not required, but when appropriate, the credit line to be associated with the images is “Shay Blechynden’ or "ShayREP.com".

Contact at 760-415-0069 or shay@shayart.com

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